Most needed non-basic features for a IM client

I am developing a client called ChaseIM I am using OpenFire for my server. So far the Client is in beta and has all of the basic features and some non-basic features. I am trying to decide where I should focus my development and was wondering if I could get every ones opinnion on what the most needed non-basic features for todays IM clients are. I know that its really up to the person as to what they feel the most important features are and I am sure for every one their thoughts will be different but if I could get a general since for what features the majority feels are important that would be great!


How does having Openfire as your server fit into designing your client?

What protocols does your client support?

What will your client do different than a libpurple one or Spark?


Having OpenFire as my server doesn’t effect the development of the client any accept for the fact that if the server isn’t able to do something then the client won’t be able to at this time either since I am only working on the client right now and not adding anything to the server at this time. The point I was trying to make by including that I was using OpenFire is that I wasn’t spamming the boards or anything.

For my base client I am using the OpenSource jabber client, Pandion, and adding on to it. Theres full details on what it can currently do on my website Plug-ins can be created for it using Jscript and Html and the plug-ins can be uploaded to my site where users can download them. Plug-ins can range from games you can play with your friends to something that extends the functions of the client. In the current release of the client the plug-in system is not active however in Beta 2 it will be active since in my development version that I am currently using it is working nicely. Official plug-ins released by me and other developers that are really active will be available for download from with in the client and installed automaticly non-official plug-ins will have to be downloaded from the download section on our website and installed by hand.

As far as what it will do different I have no clue at this point. I am in the very early stages of developing it since I just started a couple days ago. One thing I know is that it will not be a client available to be used on any Jabber network. It is being made to be used with my network. The IP address is being hardcoded into the client. However since when you download it it is open source you could always change the IP address to be used with it.

First you should describe what do you understand as basic features, so then maybe one will say what they want as non-basic features.

Well To me the Basic Features that Every IM client Must have are:

Some form of Buddylist and a way to manage that buddylist

1 to 1 chats

group chats

Any other features are really just added non-needed features.

Also a side note I am no longer working on Pandion I am building my own client from the ground up using Python.