MOTD type thingy

My security officer just asked me if it was possible to have a message from the server be sent to each user upon login (every time). Its our standard security disclaimer (Big Brother is Watching!). I know some jabber servers support some form of a message of the day, does Wildfire have anything like that now?

Hi Jay,

Wildfire have anything like that now?

No, unfortunately not. But there has been a issue filed, JM-295. Vote for it to help raise the priority.

Hope that helps,


I dont have a need for the full motd protocol support. I just need a legal banner displayed every time a user logs in. So I quick wrote my own. I gave it to Jive too, so if anyone wants it, it should show up sometime soon.

I also need this and the last update to the issue above is about a year old. Does anyone know if this is available yet or when it will be available? I can’'t move out of testing and into production until I can do this. Unfortunately big brother must watch and must let everyone know they are being watched.