Motorola build in IM Client

in the build in IM client of motorola, there is one extra field of setting which is “url post”(i am not sure about what shuld i fill into this field??). other field is im username, password, port, server and ssl option. in field of “url post” i try to use the same server name as the “server” field.

"2006.09.25 17:34:09 [ :104)

] Connection closed before session established


do u guys face this problem b4???

really need u guys help…


I don’'t use Motorola phone, and so, this may not be accurate.

If the IM configuration on your Motorola phone has an entry called “URL post”, my guess is that the IM client is not XMPP but something else that support HTTP POST, like Wireless Village/OMA IMPS, which is the protocol developed by Ericsson, Motorola and Nokia. When Wildfire receive this non-XMPP protocol in the supposed-to-be stream header, the connection is simply dropped.