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Move Openfire 3.8.2 from Win 2003 to 2012

I have Openfire 3.8.2 on a Windows 2003 server using an external SQL server. I’d like to upgrade from 2003 and move the Openfire 3.8.2 installation to a new 2012 server that I’ve built. I don’t have the installer for 3.8.2 anymore.

I’ve tried copying the installation to the 2012 server then installing 4.1.4 on top, but that doesn’t work.

Can anyone provide a little guidance?


Describe ‘installing 4.1.4 on top’? You can’t just extract a zip file overtop the previous install, for example, as old libs are left around.

Yep, in that case you should only copy /conf/* and /resources/security/*. But i doubt this will work. Even upgrading with the installer probably wouldn’t work with such an old version. And most probably 4.1.x would have some changes breaking your other stuff. Just too many changes over the years. Maybe, maybe it will work with just copying whole old installation folder and then installing the service from the /openfire/bin folder. But it might require proper registry entries for it to run correctly. 3.8.2 might also has issues with Windows Server 2012.

OT: i wonder why there is the need to move from 2003. If for security reasons, then why it was ok to run ages old insecure 3.8.2 version :slight_smile:

The server is internal so practically there is no reason to upgrade but new company policy requires a supported OS.

Would anyone know if previous versions of Openfire are available for download anywhere to provide an upgrade path?

Previous releases of Openfire are on github

since you are using an external database, you should be able to copy the DB over to the new server and run openfire as a new installation. Then during the initial setup, point it to your database.