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Move Openfire clients to new server

We use Pandion to communicate to our Openfire server. I plan to build a new server for Openfire and decomission the old one. Is there a simple method to redirect Pandion clients to the new Openfire server?

DNS change maybe? Depends how they know to connect to the existing one.

Several approaches might work. The simplest one is to build the new server, copy the DB content and assign the old IP adress to the new server. Of course you have to give the old server a new IP number. A DNS change takes some time to become effective due to refresh cycles on the client. Your DNS admin would have to send a force DNS renew out to the clients. That might not work. I would move the IP.

You may have more complex scenarios e.g. migration of the DB software, operating system,… Also, I would advise to do some clean up of the DB, if it runs for a little longer. Our DB migration was done via the user import/export plugin and lots of manual actions regarding the rebuild of the permanent group chat rooms.