Move the Spark trunk to Smack 3.2 beta 2?


what’s our take on the inclusion of Smack 3.2 beta 2 into Spark 2.6.0 trunk? There are a lot f bug fixes and enhancements done bey rcollier on Smack 3.2 and it is progressing quite a bit over the last weeks. Using 3.2b2 in 2.6.0 would allow some broader testing of Smack in a real app like Spark. We will enventually have to move Sp2.6. to Sm3.2 and I would assume the sm3.2 final is not that far away.

I would not argue in favour of an inclusion on the Smack Trunk.


I would certainly appreciate the feedback, and this would definitely help in making 3.2 final.

The Spark dev team is undecided about it. We’ll give it a shot and publish a Fork using 3.2.0 to see how big the issues are. It’s chicken/egg problem: If Smack is “final” Spark will use it for shure, but until that, no one want’s to endager 2.6.0.