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Move to prod - clear down all conversations help request

Hi - i have openfire 3.6 installed, been in trial mode for a year now, loads of crap in the db (ie, conversattions, etc)

i am not a db-admin so employed (small business) the embedded-db setting

i see the c:\program files\openfire\embedded-db\ directory and the two 'large files



if i shutdown openfire, and move these files from the directory and restart the daemon, will new (empty) ones be created?

is there anything else to be done?

or a different procedure?

many thanks, im being asked to move this to production so i would like to tidy it all back to zero’s for the official incept date

***Cheers n Beers!***,

A Bikeman

I forgot to mention, im running on w2003 server, with the ‘monitoring plugin’ installed

the goal is to then be able to hand over the openfire console to senior management so they

can audit/lookup conversation history if legal requests it

thanks again!,

A Bikeman

removing the files will most likely break the install. additionally you do not want to use the embedded db for a production server. you should be using an external db like MySQL or MSSQL. There is limited management tools for the embedded db and if you are doing monitoring you will want to manage the db because it will get huge.

thanks, well its a timeing issue.

so far in a year the files are only 100mb so im not worried about db size just yet

i want to migrate to a new prod server but i dont have time at the moment,

later i will build a replacement box like i did once before, and transfer user names/etc

– for now tho, since im under pressure, what can i do? (keeping the current db system)?


you need to find and use the limited db editing tools for the embedded db to delete the chat logs. the tools are included with openfire I believe. I have had no luck using them myself. they are java apps btw.

Hi - i am not a db and not familiar enough with dbs let alone the embedded-db to be confident,

I will offer a paypal instant reward of $150.00 to the first correct procedure thats posted that gets me out of this jam.

my goal. … to either prune all chats in the db entirely, or replace the db file with a fresh one, or a method to remove

windows 'files, (while service is stopped) in a way that ensures openfire creates new files when it relaunches