Moved WildFire to another server and now Spark shows duplicate users

We recently moved WildFire to another server and now Spark not only shows offline users from the new server but shows an offline user for everyone from the old server which is now offline. My suspicion is that this roster information is held on the client workstation somewhere but I cannot locate it. I cleared out the jiveroster table on the new server which had invalid users listed (we migrated the mysql database) but it did not corect the issue. Hopefully someone can tell me where to look so I can clear this up. Thanks!

Hi man,

So Spark does not keep anything local pertaining to your roster, so this information is coming from your server. Is it possible the db was moved over as well?



We did move the database. Odd thing is, I looked through all the tables, deleted the bad roster records, but see no other tables that contain the old users. Additionally, the bogus users don’'t show in the Admin tool either.

Hmm. By chance are they in a Shared Group?


I am having the same Issue. Moved from 3.4.5 to 3.6.2 and some users have the duplicate entries IE and This doesnt show up for every body and only can been seen when you go to view the roster in offline groups or in the admin panel on 362 under the users roster button. I dont want to have to go in to every user and delete the duplicates anyone have an answer. And yes all users are in groups that are shared to each other on my box.

If you change the name of the server then you will see this. The user accounts are based on the server name. that is how the JID is set username@servername.

So in other words change the server name. Correct?

Even if you change the server name back to the original now, it would be too late. The rosters have the new JID added. This is the danger of changing the name of a production server.

Luckly the server is still not in production. Guess a Reinstall and re-import is on the order for the day.

Anyone had a solution for this issue? I had created a new domain in my openfire server and all account users are duplicated, handled in “Offline Group”