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Moving Converstation Tabs from Top of Chat Window

currently running Spark 2.9.4. I thought that at one time there was a way to have all the tabs on the left side of the chat window verus having them on top of the window. It can make it extremely difficult to locate a particular tab with them bunched together at the top.

Is anyone aware of a way to change the way the tabs for the different conversations w/ contacts/groups from being on the top of the window. I would prefer it still be one window versus having 10 different windows for 10 different conversations.

I thought there was a way to relocate them to the side of the chat windown and that you could arrange them accordingly. Anyone familiar with this?

Thanks. We use Spark for my job. I was using Trillian as a way around spark, but i was constantly getting complaints that I was not showing online and vice versa. I would try to locate a coworker on trillian, but it either not locate them at all or show them offlinel


Hey! good question. In the unreleased Spark 3.0.0, this is implemented as tabs that hide in a list. Try using the latest nightly build. I hope we can release a new version soon.