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Moving Database :: Upgrade


i just want to move my Openfire-Database(MySQL 5.0.27) and i want to know what the best way is to do this.

Is it “ok” to change just the in the openfire.xml?

The second information i need is that i also want to upgrade my openfireserver(Linux) from 3.5.0 to 3.6.3 and i want to know if there is any problem with this kind of upgrade?



You should do a database backup using the MySQL commands or admin gui tools. Import the entire database to the new MySQL. You then only need to change the connection string as long as the usernames are the same for the new MySQL.

There is always a chance you will have issues when doing an upgrade of multiple versions. The plugins for one have changed. I would delete any plugins you have installed first. Then you can do the upgrade. There is also a chance the database will not upgrade clean. Clear all openfire logs before begining the upgrade so you know if there is an upgrade error.