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Moving from Wildfire 3.11 to Openfire 3.44

Hi everyone:

We are currently using a WildFire 3.11 server for our IM needs. I am setting up a brand new OpenFire 3.44 server, and want to know the best way to migrate information from the old server to the new server. My biggest conserns are the rosters. Both servers are using the embedded DB, and we are using active directory as our backend. I tried the user import/export plugin, and while that installed fine on the machine running 3.44, it is not installing on the 3.11 machine, is there a version of this plugin for the older Wildfire servers, or is there a better way to do what I’m wanting?

Thanks for any help.

You may need to upgrade the older server a little before you can migrate any data. The database was changed with the switch between some of the major point updates (3.3, 3.4, etc). For that matter if you did the upgrades on that server you could just move the database. This would require the servers to have the same name, and version at the least.

Thanks for the response, I think this will be doable. Can I find any good docs for the 3.11 to 3.44 upgrade process? My big consern is that I don’t think the upgrader handles the namechange stuff, so I’ll need to know what to modify. Also, are there any docs for the database move?


The embedded database is pretty much self contained in a directory. On my windows server I was able to move the entire directory to a new machine. If you are using LDAP though I would take this oportunity to examine using a more robust solution like MySQL. The benefits are many. The only issue could be significant setup time to replicate groups.

As for the updates the path is kind of easy. You can download past versions and do a point upgrade. To get past version modify this URL:

http://www.igniterealtime.org/downloadServlet?filename=wildfire/wildfire_3_2_0.e xe That will get you the next version of Wildfire.

http://www.igniterealtime.org/downloads/download-landing.jsp?file=openfire/openf ire_3_3_0.exe That will get you the Openfire versions


Thanks again for your help. I’m a little conserned about doing the point upgrade because this is our production server we’re talking about and I’m trying to keep downtime to a minimum. Why can’t I do the upgrade straight from 3.11 to 3.44, is the database migration code not in that upgrade package? Is there a stand alone package I can use to migrate a copy of the database? Are their any other solutions outside of this? If I were to, for example, shut down the old server and give the new server the old server’s name and IP, would rosters repopulate from people’s clients?


I am not sure if it is even possible. There are some fairly dramatic changes since the old wildfire days. The first being the name change of the server itself. The point upgrades should not take very long at all.

Hope it’s ok I jump in here but this sounds like what I’m doing only I’m staying on the same machine … just trying to figure out how to get from Wildfire 3.1.1 to current Openfire in the easiest way possible.

Sounds like I should be able to step thru intermediate upgrades to the current version? Where can I find a list of which versions I need to cover … inother words what is between WF 3.1.1 and OF 3.4.4 that I need to do upgrades to?

I’m in a very similar situation with Wildfire 2.5.1 and think it’s ridiculous that they don’t have a standalone conversion tool from JiveMessenger versions to Wildfire versions to Openfire versions. Upgrading every time that the OpenFire server updates just doesn’t work in a LIVE environment with 50+ users. I built a new machine, installed the newest OpenFire server, and now simply want to migrate the user database over. I had this same problem when moving from JiveMessenger to Wildfire 2.5.1. Every couple of years is about as often as I’d like to think about upgrading.