Moving groups to a different server

Is there anyway to move all Wildfire group setup information from one server to another?

I am trying to change the server location from 1 computer to another and we have a few 00 users and it will take some time to manually get the groups set up again


There is an import/export feature built right into wildfire, my server is down right now, or I’'d tell you exactly where.

But that functionality is built right into the server, poke around a bit in the admin console, you’'ll find it!

ok i dont know where that is ive been through all the settings, i have the import / export users plugin but that doesnt affect group setups…

must be hidden the main import/export feature?

(I have already imported the user list)

– could i manually move any files from my inital server computer to the new one to facilitate this?

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will you also change the xmpp.domain name? No? Then just use the same database as you are using right now, this should be the easiest way.


thanks that worked nicely!