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Moving Openfire from CentOS to Windows


I am looking at moving our current OpenFire server from CentOS to Windows. I am curious if anyone else has attempted this or something similar, the main issue is the MySQL server and having to convert it to SQL Server 2005.

Another question i have is what is actual stored in the SQL database, could i go with out it and just setup the new server without transfering the sql db.

Thank you for your time!

My idea is, re-install open fire in windows machine. install everything aplication, database and ad. After that recovery your database with same name.

But is a MySQL database compatible with Server SQL 2005? i dont belive it is


More easy a new instalation, you can transfer manualy table for table, line for line. this is very very hard.

Why not install MySQL on the windows server. It is compatible and does not interfere with windows SQL.

I think our friend dont want use mysql anymore.

I really dont have any major problem with it just SQL Server is more widely used in the business world, and i personal have more knowledge of it. I supposed i could install MySQL on my server machine and transfer everthing over. But i have one more questions… What is actually kept in the SQL DB?

Everything is in the database, drawing the connection settings and LDAP all the rest is in the bank.

But what’s wrong with an installation from the beginning?

in the newer versions of Openfire just about everything is in the database. There are some very nice gui tools for MySWL out ther that run on any OS. Should make management much easier.

Would you happen to know if these tools would work in in CentOS?