Moving servers (Windows)


I’m hoping someone can tell me, or point me to the right resource. Currently I’m running Openfire on a windows 2000 server. It’s very simple, no AD integration. There are only about 65 manually created users. I’m currently in the process of virtualizing and consolidating. I want to recreate the server as a virtual server, but also rebulild it with server 2003. Once I build the new server (it will be the same name and IP), how do I go about transefering my current database and settings? Is it a simple copy of certain files? My other concern is that I’ve been upgrading since it was WIldfire. The current path is program files\wildfire. The new fresh install will be to program files\openfire. Will this change in path cause issues as well?

The change in path will definitely have an affect. You will need to do the migration on the current server first to make this easy as possible. Once you have fully migrated the exist server to the latest openfire the move to a new server is easy. You need only move the embedded-db folder and the conf/openfire.xml file to the new server.

I would do a clean install on the new server and then copy over the following files… it’s how I do my upgrades.

stop openfire if running

copy over all files in openfire\conf\

copy over all files in openfire\embedded-db\

copy over openfire\resources\security\keystore

copy over openfire\resources\security\truststore

start openfire

If you have any message audit logs in the logs folder you may want to copy them over as well or just archive them somewhere else.

I have kept up with every upgrade. I am currently on 3.5.1. I think becuase I started with WIldfire, the upgrades worked around the former folder name of Wildfire. So i’m running Openfire 3.5.1, but the working directory remains Wildfire. None by my own customization, just through the normal upgrades.

If you are current then when you install openfire on the new server you can specify the folder be called wildfire or follow the migration document (%systemdrive%\Program Files\Openfire\documentation\wildfire-openfire-upgrade.html) after installing openfire normally.

I completed all the migration steps in that document when Wildfire became Openfire. The only remaining difference is the program folder. It is still Wildfire and not Openfire, I never saw any instructions to change it. Since I’ve completed the migration steps, do you hink I can install with the directory Openfire, and copy the appropriate files across? Or do you still recommend changing the new installation location to Wildfire?

If you have already completed the migration steps you should be fine. The worst case senerio is you will need to remove openfire and reinstall in a wildfire directory.

Thanks, that is what I was leaning towards. After that, I’ll just copy over





Is that all of them?

Should be, I have a script I run on my linux server and those are the only ones I copy back from the backup I make first.

Thanks a lot for the help.

I have never copied these, as I use self generated certificates:



Yeah not sure if they are really needed, I just remember seeing them somwhere when looking for how to upgrade. Since it’s never caused me any issues I left that in my script.

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All set