Moving SparkWeb Forward

This is an update from ignite realtime community about where we are with SparkWeb

There is an Open Source HTML version of SparkWeb based on the original commercial Jive Software version and now released under the Apache 2.0 license just like Spark and Openfire. It can be found on the ignite realtime community here.


@Knight Raider has worked on the Flash version of SparkWeb and has made it compatible with the ignite realtime latest version of XIFF. His version compiles with Flex Builder using Flex SDK 3.0 for Flash Player 9 and above. It can be found on the ignite realtime community here.

I have made a few more changes to make it compile with the latest Flex SDK 4.5 for current Flash Player 10.3 and above and uploaded it to the SparkWeb SVN. The code can be checked out using

Knight Raider has volunteered to work on this. We plan to to add Jingle-based audio, video, file transfer, screen sharing, etc and make it look better than this


Finally, work has started on RedSpark which is yet another web client for Spark, but is tightly integrated into Redfire and will be compatible with the Redfire plugin for Spark. It is extending XIFF with the new RTMP/RTMFP connection classes and has a Facebook/Google type chat user interface that combines both HTML5 and Flash to support a softphone (red5phone), audio/video in both 2-way and multi-user chat with screen sharing (red5-screenshare) and p2p file transfer using RTMFP.


Read the excellent how-to by WROOT at

and then look at

I think SparkWeb displays headline messages as popups, but I am not sure as I forgotten what is available i the origiginal 0.9 Flash version.

No configuration to set

It is all in the Flex MXML and ActionScript code.


is there any url to follow “RedSpark” progress? (that facebook like bar screenshot)

thanks in advance,

Where is the homepage, repository and roadmap for red spark. Howto contribute? I can’t find anything via google. Does this project even exist?

The websockets plugin does indeed have a version of sparkweb (ajax) that uses web sockets and should make a big difference from the http-bind.

Thanks for the contribution. I will add the caching tip to the websockets version of sparkweb

It is now available at (download)

Dear Dele;

We need mobile version of SparkWeb and i think that you can build an adobe air version smartphone client of Spark.

I can’t find a good xmpp client, which will work with OpenFire on Android.

I am using Yaxim on Android; but it hasn’t multi-account, pic transfer, file transfer, location sharing, voice&video message functions and when an im client supports also media proxy or Jitsi, it will be excellent.

I think you can easily build an Adobe Air version of this client app.

OpenFire is excellent server, but we can’t use OpenFire with %100 capacity on smartphones&tablets.

And my second problem OpenFire is opening too many ports, when i am using media proxy or Jitsi. For example i need only 10 ports; but OpenFire doesn’t accept this configuration.

Best regards