Moving to new server and upgrade - database problem

We’‘re trying to move the Wilfire server from an old box to a new Win2k3 box. The server installisnt’’ a problem - its up and running. But transfering the old database (is running version 2.2.2) to the new one (running latest 3.0 build) is not working. We are using the embedded database.

I tried copying and renamign the database files. When restarting the DB it gets errors and doesn’'t work.

What is the eiasiet way to move all the users info and all the groups and other info in there?? Can I somehow run the SQL commands from the messenger.scripts file so it executes all the commands on the new server/db?? Or can I jsut copy/rename the db files? Did I possibly miss other files that need to be moved?

Tahnsk for the help. I tried to find answers by searching and looking at documentation but didn’'t get far.


Hi Ryan,

could you please post the errors you see? JM and Wildfire should be shut down while you copy the database files. As Wildfire 3.x includes all update scripts it should be able to update the old database.

You could indeed try to copy the INSERT statement of the jivemessenger.script file (a jivemessenger.log must not exist while JM is shut down) in the new wildfire.script file. But as the database schema was modified a lot this could cause problems.


I’‘ll set it up and copy the error messages. I’'m almost 100% sure there have been NO database schema modifications.


you may want to look in the wildfire/resources/database/upgrade directory. I didn’‘t check if there are changes for the users or groups table, if there aren’'t then you may be able to copy the insert statements, mabe also for the JIVEID table.


I just put the database files back in place so I could copy the error - but this time it worked! It saw the old DB and upgraded it. Hopwever, now I can’‘t log in to the admin control panel! The default un/pw and the old DB’‘s admin aren’'t working. hmmm…

The wildfire.script file shows the following:

INSERT INTO JIVEUSER VALUES(’‘admin’’,NULL,’‘c13d575628f7a5bebbcac90de885dd0c17fb9b0f2d0b6d59’’,’‘Ad ministrator’’,

That looks like the admin pw should be NULL - but it won’‘t allow a NULL pw login, will it? Can I run an update statemnt to change the pw? I’‘d need help with that - haven’'t doen sql statements in a LONG LONG time!

Thanks for all the help!


change it to

INSERT INTO JIVEUSER VALUES(’‘admin’’,’‘plaintextpassword’’,NULL,’‘Administrator’’…

and use plaintextpassword as password. ‘‘c13d575628f7a5bebbcac90de885dd0c17fb9b0f2d0b6d59’’ should be the encrypted password your admin user had, so I wonder why it does not work.

I hope that “admin” is the only one with this problem, otherwise others will also not be able to login.


I just realized that when it starts the server it is listening on the old server IP address for the admin console. However when trying to login to the admin console on it still displays the login info.

After changing the password for the admin user it doesn’'t even show thatis reejcting the password on login. You put in the admin username and password and it just returns you to login page - no error about incorrect login or anything.

I couldn’‘t find any settings of where it might be getting the old server IP. The new server has a different DNS name and a different IP (and I can’'t change either in this case). How do I get it to reset to the new server IP? I tried adding the new IP to the list of addresses in the wildfire.xml file. Nothing changed.

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in conf/wildfire.xml you can define one IP address Wildfire will bind to, it has nothing to do with the server name.

The server name / xmpp.domain is stored in the JIVEPROPERTY table. You must change it there, and probably everywhere in wildfire.script so no references to the old domain are left.


LG - I apprecaite all the help. Sorry to be such a newbie!

Got the server address changed - it now says the correct address for the admin console. However, it still doesn’‘t allow the login. It’‘s like it isn’‘t redirecting to the correct page. When you put in the correct username and password you end up bakc at the login with no error. Igf you put in the wrong username or password it gives you the error saying so. I’'ve already added the server address as a “trusted site” and logged in to the default install before swithcing the database. Any idea what could be keeping it from working?


I have no idea what’'s going wrong but you may try to shutdown Wildfire and rename the embedded-db folder and create an empty one. Then change in conf/wildfire.xml “”.

If you start then Wildfire you should have the option to set it up once again with a new database. If this works fine then you may compare the admin account in both databases and copy the new “INSERT” statement into the existing database.


That worked! That took care of it. I also changed the other references to the old server (at the bottom of the script file under the properties) all to the new server. It was probably a combination of all those settings. Everything is back up and running. Thanks for all your help! I couldn’'t have done it without your assistance.