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Is it possible to get some WildFire user data from MS Exchange 2003?

I’'d like to import somehow, details like, name, e-mail address, phone number…

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Hi Katan,

I may be totally of track here but, if your exchange server uses LDAP, you might consider configuring Wildfire for LDAP as well? You would get all LDAP users (that is Exchange users) to appear in your Jabberserver automatically and I also think you can map properties from LDAP (like name, email, phone etc) to your vCard.

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Yes, I was thinking about it, but on the screen with “source setup” LDAP is marked as coming soon. Don’'t know how to set LDAP as users source now… Any ideas?


edit -> OK, I found it how to set up LDAP. But… what software is reading from MS Exchange or Active Directory using LDAP?

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LDAP works fine with Exchange