MS outlook presence info


I noticed that this question was asked in the past and answer was negative, but I wonder if it possible to implement this feature somehow. There seems to be already some sort of API from MS that lets you put this info to Outlook from Lync that guys that develop Jitsi client use to show status info in Outlook. So from what I understand this just need to be implemented on the Spark side and since both Spark and Jitsi source codes are available so I am wondering where is the catch.

I also found this document that describes whole process


Spark is in need of developers and coders. Wroot does what he can, but I think he is the only one… If you know of any programmers/developers that would be interested in contributing to the community, please point them in this direction.

Yeah, this is not so simple as just copying a code from one project to another. And this is indeed too much for my limited experience. So, unless someone contributes a patch, this won’t be implemented.

P.S. speedy, i think i saw a commit on LDAP SSL Pool from you?

yep…my first ever commit too with zero programming experience…scary, huh?!

Well, i’m cheating by reusing some older patches as examples Yeah, i’m often thinking, how will it affect performance if i add IF here and there. But so far it looks like nothing is braking apart (crossing fingers). But i have to spend half a day to add a simple feature and test it out…

Ok, sorry for offtopic