MS SQL 2008 Configuration

Hi All

This has probably been covered somewhere but can’t find the answer.

I’ve installed opefire before in a test environment but with the internal db and never with SQL and I can’t get it the SQL to work. How do I configure both SQL and Openfire to work together?

System configuration

AD running at 2008 forest level

Server 2008R2 (called - SRV1) running on ESXi 4.1U1

SQL 2008 (instance called – MSSQL)

Openfire 3.7.1

Installed openfire on different server (SRV2) but cannot make a connection to the database, I’ve read quite a few post but had no luck.

I created a user in AD called openfire_admin.

Created a new database in SQL called openfire

Run the script to create a new db

made openfire_admin the owner of the db

Can some please give me the correct string to enter into openfire to make the connection work, i’ve run out of combinations to try. so given up for tonight.



you have to set your sql instance port from dynamic to something static. If its the only instance on the server, than you can use the default port of 1433. If its not the only sql instance, than you may want to use something else, like 2433.

then your connector setting should go like this. notice the (:slight_smile: after the port number!! very important!


heres mine


I don’t know if you found the answer yet, but also you should check the the SQL Configuration Manager in Protocols for , TCP/IP, IP Addresses tab to make sure that the ports are active and set to 1433 and not the default of 0. I had this problem when I set up Openfire with SQL 2008 and stubled across a post telling this and it now works great. Hope it helps.