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Msn adding contact problem

Hi everyone…

We have made this simple test:

openfire 3.6.0a

spark 2.5.6

gateway plugin 1.2.4d

We openthe sparkan log with an account.We add a gateway for msn.

When its logged we click in “add contact” and put a msn contact.(client@hotmail.com)

We observe this:

The msn prompts the user: “Do you want to add xx@hotmail.com to be added to your contact list”

we click in yes.

In the spark window the msn contact is added an is marked as AVAILABLE

In the msn window our contact is added but is OFFLINE.

We try to add the xx@hotmail.com in the msn messenger but nothing happend…

Then we close the spark and log to the msn net with xx@hotmail.com… And when its logged the msn promts us to add the client@homail.com


that is strange because is like the spark didnt add the client@hotmail.com to the msn roster (but is added in the jabber roster)

and thats the cause our client@hotmail.com dont never see the xx@hotmal.com as online .

We also have code writing using the smack library an have the same problem…

the msn never see us as online but we see the msn contacs as avaliable .

The packets are recibed normaly as the specification said it should be…

Anybody can help… ?

It would be very helpful.

Anybody has the same problem?

Why there is too much difference in the versions?

This is a problem of the gateway or something we are doing bad?

You might need to send your presence not only to the transport but to each user\40hotmail.com@msn.server. Rebroadcast and see if that helps.


the big issue about this is that i tested in spark also … in smack and in spark…

we can t create a new user in msn … when you open the msn account )externally) … the messenger ask you if you want to add the new contact…

but this external contact is added by us in smack or in spark roster list …

so the problem is that the concact is never created in the msn roster so the external contact never see as logged

That was the solution

gracias mandy