MSN Categories not showing up?

I just recently added Kraken to my server and configured it to run with the MSN transport. I am able to login with my MSN account info. and see all of my contacts in MSN and my groups I have created for my local profile but I don’t see the categories for my online groups like MSN messenger has. Do these work when I am using Spark? I currently have an internal userbase of 20 that have a conference room but we are unable to invite the people on MSN into it and this is needed. Has anyone else had this problem? Thanks.

I don’t know what “msn categories” are, but this has to be supported on the Kraken side. You should ask at Kraken’s site.

Do you want to invite MSN users to your internal conference room, which is on the Openfire server? Well, this is not possible. There is no connection between jabber and other gateways contacts. When you login to MSN in Spark it is generally logging into MSN side by side with your login to Openfire, but these logins are not related and can’t share contacts/chats/rooms.