MSN Client Exception

TCP Trace:

Time Source Destination Protocol Info

3 4.863445 DNS Standard query A

4 4.888391 DNS Standard query response CNAME A5 5.278868 TCP 49460 > 1863

6 5.495163 TCP 1863 > 49460

7 5.495244 TCP 49460 > 1863

8 5.672807 TCP 49460 > 1863

9 5.885175 TCP 1863 > 49460

10 5.886406 TCP 1863 > 49460

11 5.886459 TCP 49460 > 1863

Exception Trace: Resource temporarily unavailable


at net.sf.cindy.impl.StreamChannelSession.doRealWrite(StreamChannelSession.ja va:132)

at net.sf.cindy.impl.StreamChannelSession.writeToChannel(StreamChannelSession .java:109)

at net.sf.cindy.impl.ChannelSession.blockWrite(

at net.sf.jml.protocol.MsnSession.sendSynchronousMessage(

at net.sf.jml.impl.BasicMessenger.send(

at net.sf.jml.impl.BasicMessenger$MessengerSessionListener.sessionEstablished (

at net.sf.cindy.impl.AbstractSession$2.doRun(

at net.sf.cindy.impl.AbstractSession$ 398)

at net.sf.cindy.impl.SimpleDispatcher.dispatch(

at net.sf.cindy.impl.AbstractSession.dispatch(

at net.sf.cindy.impl.AbstractSession.dispatchSessionEstablished(AbstractSessi

at net.sf.cindy.impl.AbstractTimeoutSession.dispatchSessionEstablished(Abstra

at net.sf.cindy.impl.ChannelSession.dispatchSessionEstablished(ChannelSession .java:85)

What is the problem?

Gnu java? Did you compile Wildfire/the plugin with gcj? (if so, note that I can make no guarantees that that works) Either way, assuming it’‘s fine for the moment, is that the entire stacktrace? That looks entirely contained within JML and Cindy. The plugin never got a chance! =) (that said, I am the maintainer of Java-JML so it’‘s still something I’'ll need to fix ;D )

I use ubuntu linux. And my Java (5.0) automatice use gcj, but dont want to use it. How can i turn off gcj?

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java -cp ./:gateway/lib/cindy.jar:gateway/lib/commons-logging.jar:gateway/lib/jml.jar BasicMessenger LoginMessenger

i found out how to run without gcj, and it works.:slight_smile:

Awesome! Kinda sucks to hear it doesn’‘t work with gcj, but I’'ve not heard many good things about gcj from coworkers, so… yeah. =/ Glad to hear you got it worked out!