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MSN Connected but no Roster Updates

Hey, I wanted to make a new thread for this issue.

Basically MSN works, people can sign in okay, but their rosters will not update with their MSN Contacts/Groups.

They can however, receive messages from their msn contacts.

Since I upgraded the gateway to beta 6 I get about 4-5 users a day.

Thus far I’'ve been following this process to get their Rosters working:

  1. Log them out of spark

  2. Login on another PC/JID with their MSN details.

  3. Delete their msn info from that temp account.

  4. Log them back into their own Spark

  5. Delete their MSN details, restart spark.

  6. Log back into spark, enter MSN details and restart spark again.

6.5 Restart spark one more time (i know!)…

  1. By this time they generally get their MSN Contacts/ Groups back.

So… I’‘ll be trying to capture some logs today, but If anyone else has some tips for me, as always I’'d appreciate them greatly.

Have you tested with “not Spark”? =)

lol oops i forgot…

/me runs to download Pandion

Pandion “may” not be all that happy because it does some stupid things. (I actually have a “Pandion-isms” section of my wiki page) Still, for this it ought to be fine I hope. From my perspective my gold standard in seeing if things are working correctly is Psi. Either way, let me know what you find out!

One thing i noticed is that this openfire server gains time over night, if i restart ntp-client it fixes it, but do you think MSN hates the fact my server is 30 minutes into the future?

I have about 50 users this morning with issue desribed above…

So, I had Adam come over and sign in through the admin (spark client) and my own (Pandion client) but both were unable to retrieve his groups…

I have a 1mb debug logfile here that should contain more information than the last, can I email it?

Thanks again,


Yes, please email it. As for the time … I really don’‘t know. =/ An easy way to test would be to use a real MSN client and skew your time a lot. I don’‘t think i’'ve ever seen anything in the protocol that cares.

One idea I’'d been thinking bout is the ability to “kill” MSN/AOL/etc sessions like you can kill Jabber sessions in the “Sessions” tab.

This might help me at least work around the issues we’'re experiencing here lately.

Currently, from the registrations area, I can delete, but Kill might kickstart it enough to work again.