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MSN Gateway and FileTransfer

Hi guys,

first off a little brown nosing - Openfire is super sweet - we’'re trialing it here at work and its great - awesome way to stop staff wasting too much time on IM to external people.

i have a question tho and this might be a repost, some of our users are allowed to use the MSN transport - which seems to work fine except for file transfer. They can’'t send nor recieve from/to msn contacts?

I’'ve tried several different IM clients. turned off firewalls and/or opened every port imaginable.

So, i guess the question is: is file transfer thru the MSN transport allowed and what do i have to do to get it working:

Our setup is:

Openfire 3.3.2 installed in Win2003 Server with SQL2000

WinXP clients with either Spark Client or Xeus client version 1


chuckle Well I agree that openfire is awesome, and I would like to suggest you relay that excitement about it to the Openfire Support forum or directly to the Jive folk. (I don’‘t work for Jive, I’'m independent… we just have a good working relationship if you will) =)

Annnnyway, easy question to answer. File transfer isn’'t supported yet. See GATE-11 =) (and vote for it if you highly desire it)

sweet thanks for your reply - i was kinda hoping it was already part and parcel of the gateway - humpf

but anyway i voted for that gate-11 whatdyacallit thing

thanks for help!!

If it’'s a requirement, then IIRC, the PyMSN gateway supports file transfer with Openfire so you could use that until the feature has been added to the gateway plugin.

I can also vouch for PyMSNt’‘s file transfer (and buddy icons for that matter) support. ;D Only real caveat there is you have to install python and twisted on your machine. As it turns out, having to install those and it not being particularly easy is one of the major things that was a part of Jive and I’'s initial conversation about writing this plugin. If Jython was worth a flip, I probably never would have written this plugin.