MSN Gateway does not correctly log off

Hi Daniel,

I’‘m not sure how to file a bug, so I’'ll post here. Using Wildfire 3.1b3, IM-Gateways 1.0b3a, and Spark 2.0.2: When a user is logged into Spark (and the MSN gateway), logging into MSN via MSN Messenger (the program) does not kick Spark out of MSN. The MSN contacts are still listed in Spark, and presence notifications are no longer updated (probably since the gateway connection to MSN is broken).

Thanks for all your work on the gateways- They’'re the one thing we need to finally move over to Spark/Wildfire


You are doing exactly the right thing to report a bug! =) GATE-67 ad GATE-81 are similar issues to this, and I will be fixing them probably all in one fell swoop. I actually ran into this myself when I logged into MSN and it didn’'t boot me. ;D Was kind of a fun “oh … crap… yeah that” moment.

Sweet I figured I was missing something in the bug system. Thanks again for your awesome work- I am so excited to see how much it has improved since the first beta!