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MSN Gateway - Filter domains

We have an external partner that we need to communicate with that’s using LCS. So currently our partner is using the relay function MSN provides, to allow us to talk to them through the msn gateway.

We would like to filter it so that our users can only communicate with our partner thorough MSN though and deny all other traffic. e.g. any other person on hotmail or msn.

The JID’s are recieved in a way that makes filtering seem possible,

Partners jid = name@domain.com@msn.ourdomain.com

Regular msn or hotmail users jid = name@hotmail.com@msn.ourdomain.com

Dose anybody have any ideas here, The packet filter plugin is the first though i had. But wanted to see if anyone else has done this.



This is exactly the type of thing the Packet Filter was made to do. I’m doing a “beta” of 1.1 which includes support for blocking entire components (like gateways). I’ve also taken some screenshots of an exmaple config that does pretty much what your tryinng to do. Let me know if you are interested and I can send you the all the info.



That would be great, Please do post them im sure other are needing to do this also as a work around for communicating with lcs servers.

Thanks Again