MSN gateway logs in and out periodically


I have created an IM bot that works for several networks (MSNM, YIM and AIM) and I notice that MSNM part of IM gateways is partially defect.

A major problem I am seeing is that the bot logs in and out every 30. minute or every few hours. After some time the bot eventually dies and goes offline without coming online again until I manually re-login. This is consistent and happens every time. I use the same code for the other gateways and they work without hickups.

I have tried to debug this problem, but without any success.

Can anybody provide some suggestions where I should look at or what I could try to change in order to fix this behaviour?

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Personally, i think the bigger issue here is MSN’s unstable network, this happens even if you use the Live Client, and even then only affects certain people. That may be something to consider too.

I have the same problem…

In the brasilian’s list some people have the problem too.

Many people have reported this on another thread as an issue.

We’ve been running Wildfire and the IM gateway for a long time but this is definitely the most unreliable I’ve ever seen it.

It’s getting to the point for us where we’ve no choice but to consider other products as MSN comms in general is not reliable enough.

We see probably 20-30 disconnects per user per day.

The worse part is that noone at Ignite really seem to be taking this seriously…

There’s a big difference between “not taking you seriously” and “not being able to reproduce or have time to look into it right now”. So far I haven’t gotten any data that even remotely tells me what’s going on.