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MSN gateway problem


I have a problem with the client I developed (JabberMixClient, a j2me client for phones).

The client receives chat messages from MSN users, but they cannot receive the JabberMixClient ones. From the debug session, I can see that JMC sends messages correctly to the server, but the gateway doesn’'t make the routing to MSN Messenger. Perhaps the problem is in the MSN contacts addresses. Wildfire translates the @ in 40 (HEX form) so the hotmail jid becames username40hotmail.com@jabberserver. My client uses this syntax in the “message” stanza. Is it correct?




Shouldn’'t the JID have a slash in it to signify the hex value, or is that just the forum messing up the formatting?

Thank you very much!

It was a problem of slash escaping…