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MSN Gateway Trouble?

I’ve been using the Gateway plugin for about 6 months now and haven’t had any problems.

As of yesterday two of our sites are having stability problems with the MSN transport. (1.2.1a)

There seems to be no concistancy in the errors though.

Scenario 1: Transport shows logged in in spark, and through webmin, appears in other clients as online - but contacts do not appear in spark, and messages cannot be received.

Scenario 2: Transport shows offline in spark, online through webmin, does not appear on other clients and no contacts are added

I’ve reinstalled spark, rebooted openfire, deleted all registrations, and started over. On one client I can’t get passed scenario 1. On the other clients (with scenario 2 - the above seemed to work to fix it)

Any tips on how to trouble shoot from here? Or is anyone else having trouble with MSN? Thanks!

how long your server is actually running? if you restart the plugin (plugin page), is it working after that?

I’ve restarted, reinstalled, and rebooted… no luck! (even ran a repair on the tables in the SQL databse)

Been running the gateway plugin for months - only 1.2.1a for a few days though. Should I roll back?

It’s only one client right now, so like I said - I reinstalled spark on that machine (Clearing all folders out between installs)

I’m lost at what else it could be

Do you have avatars (buddy icons) enabled for MSN? (check under Gateways - Settings - MSN Transport - Options - Enable Buddy Icons … turn that off) There’s a major bug with the MSN avatar support that’s leaving file handles around and so that option should be turned off. There’s actually a chance that that’s what’s causing it. You will, unfortunately, need to restart openfire to be sure to clean up the leftover file handles, after turning that option off. I don’t 100% know if that’s what’s causing your behavior, but there’s a good chance it is!

That did the trick!

Thanks Jadestorm! (well thanks for the help here… but more than that, thank you for such a great tool!)