MSN Gateway with Pidgin

I have Spark running with Openfire and the MSN gateway - both working ok. So I wondred if I could use Pidgin. I have XMPP working great but can I use Pidgin to connect through the Openfire server using the MSN gateway?



Pidgin is a direct connect client. It connects directly to MSN and does not go through the gateway.

Ah ok that explains things. I did think I could change some settings to force it to look at the MSN gateway server but obivously not. Cheers for that.

Pidgin will work just fine as Spark replacement (with exact same connection settings), only working via XMPP - in fact on some platforms it’s the best choice of a client.

You can actually run both at the same time too.

The fact is you can use it’s own MSN functionality to connect to MSN directly. But you don’t have to if you already have a gateway (for example MSN doesn’t support multiple logins, and XMPP does - you can be online in MSN from multiple locations at the same time)