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MSN Messenger Popup Feature

Hi everyone,

I created a plugin that allows for keyword finding in chat rooms and can flash the room and/or do a basic MSN Messenger type toaster popup. If there is enough interest in having this MSN Messenger type toaster popup for all messages and it is not planned for a future release of Spark, I would be willing to change this over to create a plugin that could do this popup for all messages.

Please let me know if you are interested in this, and if there is enough interest, I’'ll do it.

I know this is supposed to go into the Plugins forum, but there doesn’'t seem to be enough usage of that forum yet for people to actually see this…


Hi Tim,

people like you who post in the Spark forum are the reason why it’'s totally empty no offense meant !!1!

As I don’‘t like popups I’‘d prefer a highlight plugin which does something similar but it would highlight (eg yellow background and bold text) the keywords in the chat rooms. I don’'t have an urgent need for it, but maybe you can add a highlight feature to your plugin if it does not already has this option.


yes, the toaster style popup for all messages as a plugin would be great


All right,

I finished version 1.0 of “SparkWords”, which incorporates keyword detection as well as now adds the ability to have MSN Messenger style toaster popups for all messages, regardless of keywords. I have submitted this to Derek; he told me it would likely be up this week. Keep an eye out.