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MSN Protocol change?

Hi All,

Did Microsoft change the MSN protocol last night? Our MSN gateway stopped working for all users last night as did other 3rd party clients and old verisons of MSN…

(In an ironic twist I can’t update my version on MSN as the new live installer doesn’t work with out Microsoft ISA proxy …)



works for me (Spark + IM Gateway)

old MSN Messengers should stop working long time ago (Live Messenger is now required)

Very odd then. I found a machine with a new version of live messenger (8.1) and that works. So far what doesn’t seem to work:

IM gateway (1.2.0)

Kopete (0.12.3)

MSN Messenger 4.7 (to be expected)

This is affecting all users and networks dont admit to having changed anything on firewalls etc.

Well a complete server restart seems to have fixed it so it wasn’t a protocil change on M$'s part

Now with a bit of browsing I think I have the answer: GATE-353

Our proxy details had changed but I had not restarted the server as I thought it would only affect services like update checks. So when the networks team made the change overnight we came in the morning MSN no longer worked. All other protocols worked as we don’t force proxy on non http ports. Also there was no log trace on what happened …