MSN suddenly stopped working using 1.2.4d on 3.6.0a

Not sure how to debug this. Tried to install 1.2.4c again but no dice. Ideas?

MSN was offline for a while yesterday, so maybe this is an error on their end.

Mine has suddenly stopped working as well. Is anyone else experiencing problems getting the MSN portion of the IM Gateway to connect?

I reinstalled 1.2.4d… confirmed that MSN is OK using Messenger for my account. Still getting the following error from my Openfire debug log:

2008.09.18 05:45:25 MSN: Exception occurred for : org.jivesoftware.util.SimpleSSLSocketFactory
2008.09.18 05:45:25 MSN: IO error: org.jivesoftware.util.SimpleSSLSocketFactory

I don’t understand why other people aren’t getting this and I am. Is it related to my Hotmail account perhaps? Something MSN Messenger is handling but this gateway isn’t?

Anybody have some guidance on this please?