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MSN transport / anyone has the pyopenssl binary for python 2.4?


I installed the .net framework sdk from ms’’ page, but it does not help me compile this library because it says it was compiled using version 7.1… and i don’'t know what version is the one you get from ms…

I only found binary for the 2.3 version, but does anyone have one for 2.4?



I was about to download a BUNCH of stuff just so I could compilte this… Thanks a lot!

Hey Ivan…I was in the same boat…I just downloaded and installed the binary but I am getting a bunch of .dll s not found…is there something else that I need?

What dlls are those?

Never mind…I realized that I needed openssl in addition to pyopenssl…I found a binary and set it up. Thanks Everything is working perfectly now with all three transports.

This is good news! I actually installed a separate 2.3 just for pyMSN.

Thank you.