MSN transport causes 100% CPU - permanently


I noticed really poor performance on my wildfire service and noticed the server running at 100%. After a little experimenting I discovered that it sits idle until the first user logs in with an MSN transport registration and then shoots up to 100% CPU and cannot be fixed unless I restart the main wildfire service (even disabling the transport doesn’‘t fix the problem). I don’'t have any problems if I disable the transport.

I’'m running Wildfire 3.1.1 on Gentoo Linux with an AMD opteron based HP DL145.

Any ideas??

I had the same problem.

But not just MSN transport, any transport.

Went back to the older 3.1.0 and the problem went away.

Also gentoo linux.

I have been experiancing this as well. I am also having problems with the MSN transport working at all. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’'t. All I get is a notice from the NicServ that the name is not registered and then Spark fails and the CPU goes up to 100%.

Any ideas?


I am the Gentoo developer that maintains the wildfire ebuild. I do not use the embedded MSN transport (use pymsn-t) but I activated the others. Personally I’'m only using the ICQ transport and It seems to work ok, but the CPU is hogged by wildfire. If I deactivate the internal transports it seems to drop the CPU usage, so the issue seems related to the transports alone.

If you only need msn transport I guess it is safe to use wildfire 3.1.1 and pymsnt.

What version are you using? There was a bug in beta 4 that caused this but it was fixed in beta 5.

Also, just FYI, these questions are best posed in the IM Gateway forum as I rarely look here. =)

I was using the beta4, i deleted it, and went to the tab that shows the avilable pluggins and the gateway plugin was no longer in the list. I tried re-fetching the list and that did not help. I even stoped the server, removed the conf/available-plugins.xml file and restarted. The list was refetched and no gateways pluggin.

I manually edited available-plugins.xml to see if it was there and the pluggin is no longer available for automatic instalation.

=) It’‘s not listed in available plugins because it’'s a beta plugin. You have to download it from the beta plugins page:

Thanks for the pointer, jadestorm! I was having this issue as well and updating the IM gateway plugin to beta 5a resolved it.