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MSN transport kicks me out

It’‘s been happening a lot to some of our users. They are logged in the msn transport, but without any warning it logs them out. They are chatting with anyone and suddendly they get the “you are not logged in the MSN transport” error message. Then you click on the “sign in” button under the MSN transport icon, but it doesn’'t do anything.The problem only solves if you log out of Spark and then log back in, but this results really annoying and interfering with our jobs.

Please help!

Thank you

It’‘s a known issue that’‘s been reported a couple of times now, and is most likely fixed in trunk right now. I’‘m just trying to figure out a way to test it at this point. I can’‘t figure out how to arbitrarily sever a remote connection. There’'s got to be some way. Maybe a simple change to my ip tables rules would do it.

Either way, the problem is that the transport wasn’‘t properly setting you to a logged off state so when you try to log in a second time, it believes you are already logged in and doesn’‘t attempt again. That part at least I know is fixed, but there’‘s a new automatic reconnection feature that I added that is what I’'m trying to test.

So I should just install the update? Because we’'re running the Spark 2.5.1

Thanks for the fast reply, by the way.

Well =D Install the update when it’‘s released that is. I haven’'t put anything out. I can probably whip you up a quick build to test out if you want to help me test it, but i dont know if you want to run a test on a server that others are using.

Oh I see, got it now. To tell you the truth, I wouldn’‘t mind helping you test it. We are testing it ourselves, too. I’‘ve been getting a lot of complaints about this issue, so trying something would be good. At least, the users will now we’'re working on it

No sweat, though, it’'s not that big of a hurry. I appreciate your help!

Attached is a build with the fixes in place. Please let me know how it goes! Note that, at least at the moment, the message indicating that you have been disconnected from the server will still be presented, but the transport should not only properly set the logged out status, but it should also attempt a reconnect on their behalf.
gateway.jar (750227 Bytes)

Thank you Jadestorm! I’'ll install it and let you know.


I tried to find it myself, but I’‘m not sure where I’‘m supposed to unpack the .jar file that you sent me. Would you mind giving me more specific instructions? I really don’‘t know how to mess around with the server (I’'m using openfire 3.3.0)

Thanks in advance

You don’'t have to unpack it. The server itself will notice the updated .jar and auto-unpack it and start it up. (i think it actually might be bad to unpack it yourself ;D ) Either way, just copy it into the plugins directory within your openfire install.

Howdy, that last one was ‘‘bad’’. The new one I believe is good and will likely be released this week, but if you wouldn’‘t mind, I’'d like to hear how it works out for you.
gateway.jar (683275 Bytes)

That certainly works in the regard that the roster now correctly reflects MSN contact status. i,e when I login using the MSN client, Spark tells me so and removes contacts from my roster.

The auto-reconnect support I haven’‘t been able to test, but it usually happens a couple of times per day so I’'ll let you know how it does.

I presume for the release version, the error about being disconnected won’'t be shown (for the first x attempts)?


Correct, and in fact the version that I attached last there should not show the disconnected message until all reconnection attempts have failed. (BTW it occured to me that there’‘s one more tweak I ought to make . . . that being the ability to tweak the reconnection attempt number and such, but that’'ll be in the actual release)

Good stuff. I think that if this works as billed, you’'ve solved the last remaining ‘‘real issue’’ that we see. Thanks for putting in the time to sort this out.

No problem! =) Main thing that was holding me up before was it was a very complex change and I was having trouble wrapping my mind around it. At the end it took storyboarding it to make it make sense. ;D