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MUC and IQ Packets

Hi again. I’'m trying to implement some kind of message passing environment allowing a kind of broadcast/multicast.

For this i am using a MUC room where all the listening entities join, and it works fine by putting PacketExtensions in the messages.

Now… i’‘m really not interested in the actual message body, as by having extensions i get the (de)serialization of the information for free. So i wonder if something similar could be done using IQ packets instead (the get/set match perfectly for what i need). The MultiUserChat class only allows sending Message packets, so i’'m guessing the spec states this (i was too lazy to go check).

Will a Packet be routed by the Conference instance to all the room participants if it is an IQ packet? It’'s more curiosity than anything else. I could quickly write a component doing this, but i like the additional MUC functionality (voice, join and admin list).



It depends upon the MUC implementation. It is listed as optional in the spec.


So could i submit it as a feature request to Smack?

You can send IQ packets through the multi user chat room simply by addressing the other user in the room you wish to send the packet to.