MUC API changes

I’m trying to update a plugin that creates MUC rooms that was written for Openfire 3.3.3. I’m having trouble finding what new API calls should be made for creating a MUC room and adding a list of participants.

Currently we use:

MUCUser owner = mucServer.getChatUser(ownerJid);
MUCRoom room = mucServer.getChatRoom(roomName, owner); room.joinRoom(ownerJid, null, null, owner, new Presence());
room.addOwners(roomParticipants, owner.getRole(roomName));

Using the new API I can get hold of a MUCRoom instance using MultiUserChatService but I can’t find out how to get hold of MUCUser or MUCRole instances (so I can add the owners).

Any help would be appreciated,


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