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MUC Chat History

Any idea when this will be implemented in OpenFire? My manager is keen on me not creating a seperate code branch on our server with the suggested change in:

http://community.igniterealtime.org/message/184074#184074. With the obvious problem of losing the change if and when we upgrade OpenFire…

What is the roadmap (if any) for this feature? How can we push this request uo the stack?


Hi, We’d need a proper patch and documentation update included to get this in trunk.


Hey Daryl,

Thanks for the reply.

Ok, I’m happy to provide a patch, my only concern is that a proper solution would be to make the Chat history value configurable, whether via the UI (probably best), via the config file or in the database. Now my solution is hard-coded, as suggested in the link in my earlier post. This solved my issue really quickly and easily. And for a C# developer like me, meant I wasn’t out of my comfort zone.

So what am I trying to get at? What solution would you guys prefer? I would feel more comfortable with a config file or db fix, because it means I’m not spending too long on getting the UI right (haven’t done Java in a wee while…).

Would a config file/db fix suffice?


Howdy, We’d probably want something that allows editing of this setting from the MUC service properties UI, perhaps here



There goes my easy fix!

Ok, will tackle this over the next few days. Any sample documentation for the update?

Just to make clear, I mean documentation you want me to deliver with the patch…