MUC Client


I’m searching for a MUC Client for multi-user to “plug-and-play” in diferent web sites. WebChat - FastPath doesn’t support multi-user chat, but i found the Group-Chat in Ignite.

Somebody know if the source of the MUC in - [group_chat.jsp|] - Group chat of Ignite Realtime is open source ?

Where i can find this source in svn ?

Or Somebody know where i can find another MUC client like group_chat ?


Hello Heleno,

You should take a look at SparkWeb. It is an opensource XMPP client using Flex and it includes functionality for MUC. SparkWeb is made up of Flex components, one being a component for MUC, so if you are willing to put in a little effort you could embed just the MUC component into a webpage.

Hi ajagucki, thanks for your reply,

Yes I like SparkWeb, and I will take a look in it. But, SparkWeb is Flex, that is a great technology, but the Flex Builder is a “payware” (not free) IDE and I’m not analysing paid options to develop some functions that I need in a software. To me an IDE is important to improve the productivity on developement and i don’t know an Free Flex IDE. So I was working with MUCkl because it has technologies (HTML,CSS and JavaScript) that I know, I’m a Java Developer/Analyst. And with MUCkl I can work in Netbeans, Eclipse, etc… To me in MUCkl is simple to implement the other requisits that I need.

But, I would use SparkWeb.

Again Thanks for your reply.