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Muc creation suing muc and http stream


I want to find a way around as below in realtime:

listen all incoming messages from xmpp group chat. the number of group chat is around 6000 2) next stream this recieved message over http

using smack 6000 mxpp listner creation is wise ? any idea how the incoming xmpp message can stream auto.

i am using openfire and smack

or any better way to do that? I want ot stream all incoming message to muc over http.

If the streaming has nothing to do with XMPP, I would just write a PacketInterceptor as a plugin on the server to do this and cut out the extra step of having a client that listens to 6000 MUC rooms.

Thanks! for your reply. Ler me share some more detail:

Actually I dot’t want to write 6000 room listner suing smack. In case number of muc increase i need to incease number of listner. So i think writing pluging PacketInterceptor is perfect.

Can you please guide how i can write pluging for openfire and how need to integrate?

My ultimate target is:

  1. Recieve any message arrive in muc from xmpp user whateve the number of muc. just listen the incoming message and determine fromw which muc its coming.

  2. stream / broadcast the recieved message to a external http server as streaming or http push

Please copperate about the writing plugin and how to integrate that with openfire? Thanks! In advance