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MUC error 406

Dear All …

I set a conf room ,

I check all option in the ‘room options’, except :

‘List room in directory’ and ‘allow occupants to invite others’

The problem is that I have to register the user as ‘Admin’.

When a user is registered as ‘member’, it can not joint … and got ‘406’ error msg

I try to join the room by Pidgin and Python script.

From the log of my python (based on wokkel) script , here is the detail :

2012-02-23 09:50:32+0700 [XmlStream,client] SEND: “”

2012-02-23 09:50:32+0700 [XmlStream,client] RECV: ‘

Note : Openfire version is 3.7.1 , OS is Centos 5 , installation by rpm downloaded from http://www.igniterealtime.org/downloads/download-landing.jsp?file=openfire/openf ire-3.7.1-1.i386.rpm

Kindly please give me your enlightment



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14 viewers … but still got no enlightments.

Additional info : I try to install in my Ubuntu lucid with the ‘deb’ version …

It work like a charm.

Looks like it only happen with the rpm .



I think it’s the ‘Only login with registered nickname’ option. If that is checked and it’s a member only room, I can’t join unless I’m an admin of that room.

I can reproduce this with 3.9.3 (Windows installation). But i’m not sure how this should work. Maybe you shouldn’t be able to register with the members only room. So it tries to register, but the user is already in the list of users of that room and everything stalls.