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Muc , External user get Error 404 server could not be join

Hi ,

This question must have been asked a lot , but i didn’t find a solution ,

I’m installing OpenFire on my dedicated server , to host some chatrooms for our community.

Creating admin , users , chat room , everything seems ok .

and those chatrooms are availaible for users who join it with chatroomname@conference.my.tld

But if a user who already as a XMPP account on another server , for example noone@jabber.org , they can’t join the chatroom.

The only perso who can join it are the people@my.tld

and I can figure out why…

I’ve made a A for conference.my.tld to the IP of my server in my DNS setup…it’s perhaps that…i don’t know…all needed ports are open.

Can you please help me about that ?

Thank you.

Best regards,