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MUC feature request

Hi … i’‘ve an annoying “problem” every client i know supports the muc extension and every of this clients logs me out of a muc if i close the muc window … but … i only close it because i don’'t want the window … but it would be nice to stay in the room and the room window behaves like a normal chat win (flashes or pops up or plays a sound when a new event occurs)… disconnect could be handelt via a contextmenu entry …

so is it possible to implement it that way … (i’'d do my self if i only had enough time :-D)

How should it be indicated that you are logged/not logged in some room, if you have closed room? With main roster you know hat everybody sees you, because you are Online (green bubble). So there should be some additional indicator for muc presence. I think i saw it working like that in Miranda. I was adding rooms to roster as simple contacts and those icons were showing online, this ment i was logged in the room, while the window was closed, so i had to Exit the room via context menu of such “contact”. But such behaviour is more misleading to me, than having one more window in taskbar

i like green and red bubbles

but perhabs it could be made configurable which behaviour a user wants … as i have a pretty low resolution (1280x1024) i have to save every single pixel of my task bar … and sometimes i log out accidentally of a muc…