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MUC history isn’t preserved after server restart (bug or by design?)

why the group chat history not retrieve after restarting of the xmpp server

where as i can still see the archine table loaded with old messages , but not able to retrieve it after server restart

we are using smack SDK for android group chat

Maybe you should change category to Smack Support if this question is Smack specific. Do you have Log Room Conversation enabled for a room you want history to be saved? Also you may check history settings for the whole group chat service at Group Chat > Group Chat Settings > service name > History Settings.

this is what i have set for the history setting

Show a Specific Number of Messages - Show a specific number of the most recent messages in the chat. Use the box below to specify that number.

and 25 messages

log room conversation is also enabled

I have same settings and it works fine for me in Spark. Maybe this is only your developed client not retrieving history. Try with other client like Spark. Also, what Openfire version?

i am using openfire 4.2.3 the most latest ver , monitoring plugin ver 1.6.2

thank you so much , my issue seems to be resolved ,