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MUC history isn't preserved after server restart (bug or by design?)

As we have never used MUC in production this never caught my attention. But now some of our users want to use group chats and they want to show previous history for reference when other users join. I have seen reports in the forum and have checked myself, that an option to show history (all or particular number of messages) works only until you restart a server. Then the history of the persistent room is lost. “Log conversations” option is only for the audit logs. So, my question is, was it by design or is it actually a bug, that history is not saved? I understand that it will make impact on a database, so probably myself i don’t want to save the entire history. Maybe having an option to specify what amount of history to keep would be good (based on age, say number of days). Worth a ticket?

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The “Log Conversations” is the only means for the server to ‘remember’ messages within the room between server starts.


But it doesn’t seem to work. If i check this option for a room my client still pulls nothing after i restart the server.

Wroot, these are for messages after you checked that option?

Yes, i have checked that option, and then tried to send messages and then restarted the server. After the restart Spark shows that room without the history (same with Exodus).

Does it work for you Daryl?

Yes and every time that it does, I lament the fact that xhtml portion of the stanza is not available, since it is not saved to the database

Weird. Why doesn’t it work in my case then… Maybe because of embedded database use?

I am loosing messages too.

Each time the server is restarted the rooms and the history disappear.

However, in the ofMUCConversationLog (or whatever that table is called) all messages still exist.

AffenDev, what database are you using?

Filing as OF-764

We are currently using a MSSQL Server 2012 R2.

We will be switching to MySQL during the next week.

I read in several topics that only History Messages from the LAST TWO DAYS are retruned once the server was restarted… is this correct?

Is there any way to change this?

This kinda kills our App right now.

I haven’t heard about such setting and for me it doesn’t show any message after the restart, even if it was just sent a minute ago. Maybe you are confusing it with a setting which unloads rooms from the memory after they are not used for x days.

I have filed another ticket OF-771 as the old one has been changed by Tom related to “2 days only history” setting. But there is another issue with the flush operation itself.

Yeah, it still does not seem to be fixed in 3.9.3 …this is rly killing our application right now

Which one? Original ticket has been changed to apply to an issue that old history is not pulled after the restart, defaulting to 2 days old history. OF-771 was about recent history not being saved in the process of server restart. Both issues seems to be fixed in my tests.

I got a coupleof MUC with my user…all from 3.9.2 …we now use OF 3.9.3 …but the history for those rooms is still not returned even when I set the MUC history to 100 days.