MUC history not restored between restarts


I upgraded to 3.2.2 tonight and I have all of my MUC rooms set to archive to postgres. After I restart, roughly half of the rooms have their recent MUC log restored and the others are empty or only contain a few messages.

Any ideas why this could be?


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no ideas but a suggestion: i had some similar problems and coded my own plugin, that’‘s able to du logs … it’'s not finished yet but at least it logs.

you can get it here: (german page)

or the direct link:

Hey daryl,

Room history is stored in the database using a background thread. That means that history is not stored in the database right after the message was received but instead they are queued and saved later to the database. However, while stopping the server Wildfire will flush the queue and save all queued messages to the database.

Having said that, how are you stopping the server? If you are just killing the JVM then it is possible that Wildfire does not have a chance to flush the queue thus some messages are missing when server is restarted.


– Gato

Thanks for the reply. I’'m starting and stopping wildfire via the friendly init script. The actual logs in the database have 1000s of entries for each room, so having nothing appear must be trouble somewhere

The strange thing is that some rooms are okay and the most recent 40 messages are pulled from the database. Others, none are…

I did do a custom import of my MUC logs from jabberd2, so maybe wildfire is encountering an error sucking in the logs from the database. I didn’'t find any tracebacks however…