MUC history out of order on remote conference server


We are running into an issue with two servers (both Openfire 3.4.4). When userA on serverA connects to remote MUC room on serverB, the chat log is returned to userA out of order. I looked at the Pidgin debug log and the stanzas appear to come from the server out of order.

When userA connects to a MUC room on serverA, the chat log is in order.

Has anybody else noticed this?

thanks! daryl

I noticed the same, on a constellation like this:

I connect through ServerA (Openfire) to the conference at ServerB (ejabberd). If a bunch of messages arrives quickly, the order might not be preserved.

I noticed the problem again today when we played with a bot who sometimes sent four or five messages at once, in that case the order was mostly random. Other people in the room did not notice the problem, as they were either directly connected to ServerB or connected through a ServerC (ejabberd).

Maybe some problem with storing and polling. But I guess a real programmer™ could make a more appropriate guess

When you say out of order, what do you mean? -how- out of order? What parts are out of order? The whole thing? Reversed? Just ones that appear to be on the same timestamp?

Thanks for the response. serverA and serverB are both 3.4.4 openfire.

conference serverB will send the last 60 messages in the chatroom. these messages will be in a ‘random’ order, with no particular patten that I can see. A friend told me this is sort of a limitation of how messages are relayed thru s2s as their order can be mixed up. I dunno.


Thanks for creating a JIRA issue to track this:

Hi Daniel,

We got both sides running 3.5.1 now and this issue is still appearing. I have been poking thru the code attempting to figure out how this may be happening, but am not groking things yet. Any thoughts on where I should look or attempt to do?




Both ends running 3.6.0a now, and the issue is still there