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MUC information mismatch in database and console

We are trying to cleanup our MUC rooms, so in order to do it we need to get full inventory of rooms/servers/settings.

so I dumped the data from few Muc… tables, and imedeatly noticed something strange:

MucRoom table content does not match what I see in the console.

For example:

I have ConferenceService with 2 chat rooms (as I am looking at the console)

I see 2 chat rooms in the database dump

But some fields that are critical for my “chat room identification project” do not match.

in the console I see

Room ID - Alpha

Room - Alpha

Description - Alpha

Room ID - Beta

Room - Beta

Description - Beta

in SQL dump for the same ConferenceService

name - Alpha

naturalName - Alpha

description - Alpha

but nothing called Beta. There is completely different name.

Both Alpha and Beta rooms are operating properly, I can chat in them, pull chat from archive, etc.

So a big questions:

why there is a mismatch?

how to pull matching data for chat rooms/services from database? (it will take forever to drill down each chat room settings)