MUC Invite message is not sent to all user resources


Does anyone know whether openfire supports to sending of invite messages to each resource linked to the same user (e.g.,

It appears the openfire will only send out the invite to the last user that as been logged in.

When a user (e.g. UserA) is invited to join a muc chatroom, a

I need to join in xmpp muc chat room with one jid but from different resources at same time. For example if I logged in to openfire on both mobile and desktop

For example:

I am re-posting this question since it doesn’t appear to have been saved correctly the first time…


I am having problems getting openfire to send an invite message to all user resources associated with a user jid using Openfire(3.9.3) and Strophe(1.1.3).

The users jid has 2 resources logged in on openfire (e.g.,

I have sent a MUC invite message to a user(i.e. userA) in order to join a room.

<?xml version="1.0"?>

I expected the invited to be sent to both resources(e.g.,, however it only appears to be sent to the last logged in resources. For example it I logged in my phone as userA and then logged into my laptop as userA, the invite would only be sent to the laptop user.

Openfire seems to correctly route normal xmpp message to both user resources, I had expected muc invites to be handled in the same way.

Does anyone know whether this is at all possible?